Why My Home Reflects Who I Am – Part II

Furry and Feathered Confidantes

i can’t remember a time i didn’t have a dog, cat, lizard or bird in our family. i have favorites still, yet each and every one is unique and brings to our home their own special gifts.

rita is so grateful for her life. she exudes joy and happiness, regardless of the scars on her body from abuse and the fact that her teeth were filed down so she couldn’t damage anything. at nine years old, she’s a blessing.

Rita – rescue pughuahua (pug & chihuahua)

valentino is our oldest dog. we got him right before valentine’s day thirteen years ago. he’s a 7 pound great dane, or so he believes. he lives in philadelphia, with my oldest daughter, because he’s her dog and she missed him. he’s not fond of the cold or the rain, but seems to be adjusting as long as he can cuddle on someone’s lap. i guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Valentino (toy poodle & cocker spaniel)

karma is our most recent addition. she’s stand offish and somewhat reclusive. i think she may be depressed and no one knows her history, except she was rescued from animal control with three puppies. we’re giving her lots and lots of love and every now and then her personality shines with excitement and playfulness. it’ll take time and we have plenty of that.

Karma – rescue maltese & terrier

jet is one of the best dogs we’ve had as a family. she loves everyone, although she’s not quite sure about facial hair. she’s smart, a fast learner, and recognizes when someone’s suffering. it’s a delight to know her.

Jet – standard poodle

sadie was found by dean, my husband, about twelve years ago on the street. she’s developed into a incredibly loyal companion for dean, but not very interested in anyone else. it took years before she would approach me and ask for a scratch or belly rub. of all our dogs, sadie is the alpha and omega.

Sadie – rescue hound & ?

lastly, my birds. i say my birds because no one else will take responsibility for them. and since i fed them when they were babies, they think i’m their mother. that works for me. no one seems to like them, but i think they’re adorable and funny as hell. they’re like mini acrobats and give hours of enjoyment with their antics.

Hiccup & Pincher – brazilian caiques

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Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you move closer to what your spiritual truth is in this place we call earth from reading my journal. I've been investigating for over 30 years why we're here, in this moment, and have found countless ways to help others relax and enjoy the ride. Hope you'll join me!
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4 Responses to Why My Home Reflects Who I Am – Part II

  1. Jodi says:

    I think your sweet ones are happy and flourishing because you are their master. It matters who takes care of your life-it means everything from how healthy you are to how peaceful you feel.

  2. Addy says:

    What about Tino Bambino?!

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