Because I’m a Black Man

this young man was selling his poetry on the streets of chicago. Being was a remarkable piece from someone so new to the planet. or is he? while his views might be considered extreme by some, i enjoyed our conversation on state street and felt a human being connection.


BEING by Marwan Fateen

Because I’m a Black man

I must be a criminal


but all I do is exist

people focus too much on doing

when you do

you use your flesh

all you gotta do is be

that’s when you use your mind

more than the flesh

the difference between checkers and chess

I feel like an alien

alienated from society

isolated from reality

the only one who understands

the only one who sees the plan

on the planet of Earth

mental captivity

prisoner since birth

with these human beings

I’m just a being


while you’re trying to become

what I AM

chief amongst men

duty and obligation


mental, spiritual, physical exploration

without hesitation

gyroscopic energy rotating the object

that’s my creation

when you be

you live according to your principles and creed

Woke up this morning

threw on my flesh

triple darkness

triple death

the physical is the last frontier

when there’s nothing left

headed to those unknown realms

after death

I manifest

I’m an alien

spiritual flesh

the speed of thought

It won’t get caught

or get taught

but it’s sought

rotate your mind or get left behind

press rewind

stop throwing pearls to swine

it’s your time

it’s a consiracy

to keep us all in line

connect the dots

and read between the lines

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