Are You Afraid?

continuing our previous conversation regarding ego, oprah from her Lifeclass asked this question:

what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

this is a very powerful question. i don’t have proof, but i’ll state right here, unequivocally, that just about everyone would be in a different place in their life if they lived it fearlessly. and fear is also ego. i include myself in the masses. even though i’m much more fearless than at any time in my life, fear still holds me back. . .

  1. in wanting to be politically active but having a fear of speaking in public. fear of becoming tongue-tied, of losing my train of thought, of making a fool of myself.
  2. in reaching for those in need, those who need understanding or a hug or just someone to listen. i become afraid that i’m overstepping boundaries and they’ll be angry with me or it won’t be accepted.
  3. when i consider returning to college for another degree in art. my fear is that i’ve lost that spontaneous creativity that propelled my earlier years and that i’ll be left behind by the young, energetic students.
  4. with my move to northern oregon next year. apprehension, trepidation as well as excitement and exhilaration all fill my heart and mind as the time approaches.

i’m sure there are many more. these are the most prominent ones right now. one of my readers and fellow bloggers shared this:

As for my fears, I have learned to manage them as they come up. Dealing regularly with my fears, even if they come by bus, makes me a little less afraid every time. . .I stopped wearing make-up when I was in my late twenties. One day I caught myself checking and correcting my make-up before going out – only around the corner to the butcher’s, who was 80 years old. It took my colleagues and friends a few days to get used to “me without” but that was it. I even got compliments.

there are as many fears as there are people on the planet. the trick is to pay attention, recognize when they arise and work through them. we all know denial is a most powerful reaction, but it’s time to say goodbye to resistance and pushing fears underground. open them up and really look at them. you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how unimportant they become once you see them for what they are.

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  1. Through listening again and again to the Eckart Tolle cd’s (books) for the past few months and studying a book called Buddhist Psychology and other texts (mind and mental factors) the past week and a half, (and daily study and guidance from/with a wise friend who has studied those texts )I’m getting a bit more perspective and slight bit of distance from similar fears and my own created limitations. (I wish you lived nearby and could join us in this study…it’s remarkable) . Tari, I really appreciate you writing about these fears…it helps all of us to see such honesty and others investigating and moving forward…thanks tari….kathy

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