Fear Runs My Life

i’m in chicago this week. my youngest daughter went the the ER a few days ago with severe symptoms. i panicked. i could visualize her lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to intravenous, life saving medicine. she was in the ER early monday morning and i flew out wednesday.

my older daughter went to the ER three times during her freshman year of college. the first time i got the call, i began frantically searching for flights to philadelphia to be with her. a few hours later, she called, relieved, after speaking with the doctor and sounding so much better. the second time i waited to hear from her before i started looking for the earliest flight out. the third time i was calm. i realized there’s was no amount of worry that would change any outcome.

so, now it’s early morning and i sit here in a hotel in chicago. it’s 21 degrees – not quite warm enough for a southern californian to take a casual walk around the city.

my daughter, it turns out, was getting better by the time i arrived and better still by the that evening. the ‘kick ass’ antibiotics seem strong enough to annihilate just about anything she may be suffering from, not to mention the good bacteria. she’s tired, understandably, but on the road to recovery. she’s also handled quite well her week of missed classes – contacted her teachers, talked with friends about what she missed. in other words, she’s become an adult.

i may have allowed my fear to get in the way of my judgement, but seeing her here, in her new home, has given me peace about the distance between us that i wouldn’t have seen or felt otherwise. so, all in all, it has been a good experience to see her in her new environment and be assured that all is well. and soon, she will be well too.

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  1. What a loving mother you are…and what a relief for you and every other mother on earth when her child is recovering and then well again…it’s quite a “club’ that we belong too, isn’t it? I’m so happy to hear that she’s doing better…and so therefore, of course, you, too…. : )

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