Jackson Kiddard

i’d never heard of Jackson Kiddard until i started reading the daily love. quote after quote caught my eye and my heart. here are just a few:

Today I affirm that there is nothing in me but love.
This love comes from total acceptance of myself
and the understanding that I am a perfectly imperfect human being.
I will walk through today and allow myself to fully express my perfection.
I realize that all my “faults” are actually the Universe’s unique way of expressing itself through me.
I let go of self judgment and any projected judgments of others that I have chosen to believe
and finally allow myself to just be what I truly am:  infinite.
As this is true for me, so it is true for all other beings on the planet.
I will choose to accept everyone in my life with the same radical acceptance I have for myself
knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect human beings simply doing the best we can.
And so it is.

Fear not that your heart will be broken or stolen. Love becomes love. Give it away with no expectation of return and soon you will be having a love affair with the whole world!

Our fears are simply undiscovered parts of ourselves. the two emotions, Love and Fear, are opposites of each other. Love is the absence of Fear and Fear is the nonrecognition of Love. when we embrace what we are afraid of, shine light on the darkness of our Fear, we will see that only Love was there the whole time, but was unrecognized. this is the gift that our Fears can give us if we know how to see them for what they truly are – a call to bring Love to the unknown.

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