Say Hello to Life

i began my transcendental meditation (T.M.) practice last december. in that time i’ve felt my jaw lessen it’s grip on life, i’ve started taking things less seriously and i’m much less inclined to ‘jump the gun.’ this is what T.M. seeks to show us, easily, how to live to the fullest:

Nowhere can a man withdraw to a more

untroubled quietude than in his own soul.

Grant yourself this withdrawal continually

and refresh yourself.

Marcus Aurelius

About tari brand

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you move closer to what your spiritual truth is in this place we call earth from reading my journal. I've been investigating for over 30 years why we're here, in this moment, and have found countless ways to help others relax and enjoy the ride. Hope you'll join me!
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1 Response to Say Hello to Life

  1. I’m glad you enjoy TM. I’ve been doing it for nearly 39 years. You’ve embarked on an interesting journey of self discovery where you may well (or may well not) find that your understanding of what it means to following the ludicrously simple instructions of TM practice will change over time. One word (or phrase) of unsolicited advice: whatever you think you understand about TM, you quite possibly don’t. That is as true for a 39-ish year veteran like me as it is for a new meditator such as yourself.

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