Summertime Blues or Bliss?

summer is quickly approaching. there are children coming home from college, new colleges to transfer to, packing to complete, new homes and apartments to move into to, visitors to accommodate, trips to plan, and the list goes on and on.

years ago, i would have a schedule all laid out for us to follow, living in stress. the entire family. i was okay with change as long as it didn’t disrupt the larger picture. it all needed to be booked in advance.

today i watch life ebb and flow, smile as it twists this way and turns upside down, sideways and back again. stress still comes into the picture, but now i don’t hold on to it. oh, i still have desires and wishes for the people i love, but i try not to require much of them anymore. what a relief . . . for all of us.

both my daughters may be in NYC this summer, one for internship, the other for workshops. we love the city. this will give us an opportunity to be together in a city we all adore, seeing art and people watching. or maybe it won’t happen after all. yet whatever the outcome it’ll be just as it should be.

the four of us live in four different states. and that’s okay too. it’s temporary just like everything else. this year i’ll be moving to be with my husband. maybe next year our older daughter will come home for awhile. maybe not. but one thing i know for sure is that life is always as it should be, always remarkable and always bliss-filled. it’s up to us to make the decision to live there.

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Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you move closer to what your spiritual truth is in this place we call earth from reading my journal. I've been investigating for over 30 years why we're here, in this moment, and have found countless ways to help others relax and enjoy the ride. Hope you'll join me!
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