synchronicity is defined as meaningful coincidences,  or the ‘experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.’

i have come to understand and appreciate synchronicity in this life.  i believe it has occurred time and time and time again and i wasn’t watching. i am watching for it now. it comes about both subtly and like a kick in the pants. and i’m of the mind that i can create them in my life by what i choose to focus on.  just recently i made the decision to lease my home instead of selling due to the housing slump. it had been on the market for nine months with no offers. at first i decided to continue to drag it out a few more months out of a lack of initiative more than anything else. but once i changed my thought process toward leasing, within a few days the perfect family came into the picture by a completely circuitous route. 

it was then i realized i’d made the right decision. this family presented themselves in a synchronistic event. they loved the house and it fit their lifestyle and situation to a tee. their excitement gave me the peace of mind i didn’t know i was hoping for, not to mention the vision of what the house could be. and it’s an amazing vision.

now i can make that long awaited move to the beautiful state of Oregon and live with my husband, who i’ve known for nearly half of my life and married to for three, but never shared a home.

this has prompted a deeper, more thorough look into my recent past for what i used to call ‘happy accidents.’ like how people come into your life for a time to help you see something you weren’t open to before, or finding a stray dog that becomes the best pet you’ve ever had, or pulling up to a 7-Eleven to use the restroom and finding $20 in the parking lot, or meeting a stranger that’s physically or mentally impaired and starting a friendship that changes your world, or just being open to what the universe is offering you and enjoying the ups and downs while you learn to move in the tangible and intangible world.

opening up and even directing your thoughts and actions to bring these synchronistic events into your life is a skill to embrace and hone. it’s one i’m more keenly aware of now and look forward to expanding and blossoming into one ‘happy accident’ after another. ahh, that synchronicity, i think i’ll keep it.

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Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you move closer to what your spiritual truth is in this place we call earth from reading my journal. I've been investigating for over 30 years why we're here, in this moment, and have found countless ways to help others relax and enjoy the ride. Hope you'll join me!
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4 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. Georgiana Brady says:

    I love the simplicity of the picture of trees that relates so well to the complexity of synchronicity.
    Time and space have to be in agreement for synchronicity to work and I’m happy for you that it happened.

    • tari brand says:

      thanks for your words. yes, i’m happy as well! the couple are wonderful and all is moving along just as it should. have a beautiful day

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    A breath of fresh air…

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