Spiritual Vernacular – Part I

throughout my  spiritual investigation over the past twenty years, i’ve found that teachers often use different words for the same concept – more or less the same concept. from Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Levine,  Caroline Myss, Mark Nepo and more, reading and listening, opening to breathe in their beauty can sometimes become a little confusing. here is the first in a series of explorations and explanations of what i’ve come to understand thus far about differing expressions from spiritual teachers and their similar meanings.

form and no form

human being and spiritual being

personality and spirit

  • form, human being and personality all refer to what is the tangible, knowable (?) body. that which can be seen and touched in the physical world is form. Caroline Myss describes the physical form as personality even though the word could be used in a less tangible way. after all, personalities can shift and change and be quite illusive, but here she’s describing our worldly perceptions, thoughts, beliefs as well as our bodily form as personality.

  • no form, spiritual being and spirit are used to describe the intangible, the other worldly, that which cannot be seen or physically touched. it can only come from the felt sensations – emotion, intuition, an inner unexplainable knowing that we are all one with the universe, connected, unified as the same material – energy. spirit is that which knows all and understands all that is.

  • therefore, we live, think, move on this planet in human being form and our true essence, wisdom, love, compassion, understanding, joy, peace, and acceptance in spiritual being or formlessness.  as Deepak Chopra states, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” this concept was hard for me to grasp in the beginning when i saw myself only as physical form. yet, what truly matters while on this planet, in this form, is the intangible, timeless, formless spirit.

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