Spiritual Vernacular – Part III

we’ve discussed form and formlessness during the first chapter of spiritual vernacular, and energetic frequencies in the second. now we’ve moved to:



authentic empowerment

  • nirvana has it’s origin in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Sikhism and philosophies of Buddhism and Jainism and is widely used and accepted around the globe today. in the Buddhist philosophy we are born into this life of suffering and in order to be free of that suffering, we practice the eightfold path of rightness. this slowly opens our eyes to the freedom of no suffering, or nirvana –  the alignment with God or the Supreme Being and the end of all pain and suffering.
  • enlightenment is the spiritual understanding in the purpose and meaning of all things. there’s a clear and distinct awareness of the wise path in any situation. the word, enlightenment,  is used in Buddhist as well as secular circles and has the same meaning in Buddhism but with historical references and origins.
  • authentic empowerment was coined by Gary Zukav to define what occurs when the personality of the human being, or form,  comes into full alignment with the gifts of soul. it is an opening to the divine nature of the soul and its pureness of love, compassion and wisdom. he state, “creating authentic power is developing the ability to  distinguish between love and fear within yourself and then choosing love.” that, my friend, is the most beautiful way to live.

i’m sure there are many more words and expressions to describe the journey we travel to find peace in this lifetime. and keep in mind this journey takes most if not all of our lives. this process is accomplished decision by decision, choice by choice. seldom of us make it all the way, but the journey is worth taking.

i’ve come to understand nirvana more completely because i see the Buddhist philosophy as being the most clearly defined and applicable in my own spiritual journey. the eightfold path explains how to practice love and compassion in every aspect of my daily experience. my practice requires me to be aware of every action and reaction, not acting compulsively and unconsciously, but acting consciously in all deed, word, thought and most importantly – intention. my intention creates my future karmic experiences.  my practice helps. it helps bring me closer to the divine in all things.


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