Spiritual Vernacular – Part IV

in the previous spiritual vernacular posts, we discussed form and formlessness, energetic vibrations and nirvana. today we’ll delve into words and phrases that describe what/who is the creator and operator of our universe.

God(s) and god

universal energy

universal light

Divine Intelligence

  • God and god has been around since humans could communicate. the definition has changed and morphed to include one and many gods within a belief system. it’s understood as an entity or entities that include attributes such as omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence and omnivbenevolence. countless wars have been fought in the name of God, used against others to wield power over and keep in line. this is not what God had intended.
  • universal energy, also known as Chi in the asian culture, is the energy that permeates and surrounds everything in the universe. all that is is energy. just as described in the previous post on energetic vibrations, universal energy is often a term used in place of the word God as one with less historical baggage and fewer negative responses.

  • universal light is exclusively associated with the most positive tangible and intangible uplifters such as love, truth, compassion, understanding and oneness. this is the description i understand to be true. it is a movement out and beyond the elementary God, to include all things good and true and from the light. just as God has been tainted by zealots and war mongers and lives oftentimes in darkness, universal light is free of that residue and is inclusive of all understandings, beliefs and religions and lives in the light.

  • Divine Intelligence, as defined by Gary Zukav, is similar to universal light“It sees those through whom Divinity flows consciously, such as the Christ, the Buddha and Krishna, as beings of Light, beings of wholeness, integration, and completeness. Therefore, it sees in the white of science a reflection in time and space and matter of the wholeness, integration, and perfection of timeless Divinity. It sees evil, anger, despair, destruction and rage as the absence of Light. Therefore, it sees in the black of science a reflection in the world of physical phenomena of incompleteness, of the absence of Light.” this is difficult to understand taken out of context with the larger whole of his book entitled Seat of the Soul, but can be viewed as another, deeper and richer way to describe the concept of God.

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