A Restful Weekend

Transcendental Meditation Peace Residence, Ramona, CA

a few weeks ago i went to a T.M. residence course, which apparently is code for “this is the time to get as much rest and peace and nourishment for the body and soul as you possibly can.” i had no idea. in fact, as i drove out of town on friday, i was already planning an early escape on sunday. some kind of an excuse. any excuse to get me out before lunch.

Chef Laura, who made the weekend blissfully yummy

what i soon discovered was that i wanted to be there for the duration. this has never happened before. i had no reference for enjoying myself with strangers for that long. but they pulled it off. my mediation teachers are kind, compassionate, understanding, soft spoken, highly intelligent people who i find i thoroughly enjoy being around. like minded, you might say, of all the other people as well. i liked them all.

not only did i get an entire weekend of rest and meditation, it was the best food i’ve had in a long, long time. vegetarian heaven. indian spices, fresh, organic greens and reds and yellows and oranges. what more could a meditation practitioner ask for? thank you, cindy and barry, for an experience i will recall fondly for some time to come.

Orange groves surround the Peace Residence

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