The Certainty of Change

if there’s one well used saying that is true it’s that the only thing we can depend on in this life is change. i’m not the same person i was when i was young, nor the same as yesterday. the name is the same but the circumstances have changed. i used to force the change. now i watch it happen.

over the last decade i’ve grown to see that the best way to live is without fear. and without hate. and without anger. and without envy. really big changes. in others words, the best way to live is in love. now, more than ever, i love. i love my husband, i love my daughters, i love my family, i love my friends, i love everyone i come in contact with throughout my days and nights.

thank you to all the teachers i’ve had over the last 56 years. to my mother and father, for giving me a life that forced me to take a good, hard look at myself and the world i created. thank you to my friends, who stood by me in the shitty as well as pure moments. thank you to my daughters, for whom i wouldn’t even be close to the understanding i have today without. thank you to all the teachers i’ve read, listened to, learned yoga and meditation from, looked into the eyes of. and most of all, thank you, connie. thank you, thank you, thank you. for over twenty years i’ve known and loved you in all sorts of circumstances and predicaments. my heart is big because of you and i miss you more than i can even express. be kind to yourself. be kind to yourself. be kind. you’re a great gift to anyone who steps into your light. i know because that light never endingly shines on and through me.

About tari brand

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you move closer to what your spiritual truth is in this place we call earth from reading my journal. I've been investigating for over 30 years why we're here, in this moment, and have found countless ways to help others relax and enjoy the ride. Hope you'll join me!
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