Our Beloved Tino – Update

our 14 year old Valentino (Tino), as of September 18th, twelve days after being bitten and having his skull pierced which led to a brain infection, is making slow and steady progress. he’s not the old and dear Tino from before, but there are little encouraging signs.

today was the first day he ate on his own without being hand fed. he also found the water bowl and started drinking on his own. his walking is less wobbly, although still unsteady and unable to stand still for long without toppling over. he walks mainly in circles to the right because his left legs seem to be less accommodating and they drag more than the right. i’ve been massaging the leg muscles in hopes that they’ll come back to full function. time will tell what the extent of his recovery will be, but we love him and are grateful to have the time to spend with him.

Tino on Sepetmeber 17, 2012

as of September 21st, Tino has made remarkable progress, considering the doctor gave hime a one in ten chance of surviving. and we’re still so grateful that he’s decided to stay with us for awhile longer.

Updated Update!  now its September 28th. Tino no longer walks in circles, he had his staples removed from the head wound, he’s alert and is gaining weight. whenever he sees me, his tail wags a million miles a minute. he walks on his own, even going up and down stairs. his sweet and lovable personality is returning and he may (hopefully) be around for years to come. how exciting to watch a miracle take place right before my eyes!

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