Valentino Update

IMG_1445many of us have what we consider the most wonderful pets that anyone could have. my home is no exception. in my first post regarding our lovely Valentino, on september of 2012, we experienced a tragedy with our sweet 14 year old canine. we thought we were going to lose him. later in the month,  i wrote in an update , that he had begun, ever so slowly, to improve.

today, over four months later, Valentino is back. his little old, wonderful self has changed,   but he’s alive and kicking. all of his original quirks and endearing behaviors have, interestingly, been exchanged for new ones.

he always preferred to be in any lap available. now he requires a niche to tuck his muzzle into. whether it’s the crook of your arm, between your arm and torso, inside a pocket of whatever you’re wearing, or anything that provides security, a soft place and darkness. this generates an endless supply of  “ohhhh, look how sweeeeet” from all of us.

since his brain injury, Valentino has slept an average of 20 hours a day. over the last few weeks, he’s awake nearly half the day and recently, on a walk with all four of our dogs, he lead the pack for over a mile. pulling at the end of the leash, he seemed on a mission.

he seems lost and confused some of the time, which is understandable. but, once he sees you, his tail wags a million miles a minute and he begins a little dance of joy. every time he does this, i have to laugh and scoop him up for a hug. he’s a delightful old man and i’m so thrilled we’ve bonded in such a profound way and that i can spend the time with him now more than ever.

Valentino continues to have many petite maul seizures daily, but with medication, they’re fewer. he’s taking his daily canine probiotic and senior multi-vitamin and enjoys liver and turkey with his meals.

Valentino continues to be our 8 pound, 90 year old miraculous fur ball. we love him and are so grateful he has decided to survive and thrive.

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