the first stop our european trip this summer will be spent in Prague. i know very little about the czech republic, so i’ll be reading up on it before we travel. here are some highlights i’ve discovered so far.

  • Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • Prague is located in the middle of Europe, and is therefore a hub of international activity
  • Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world
Prague Castle

Prague Castle

  • The people of Prague speak Czech, but more often speak English and German, while still others speak French
  • Prague’s city centre is a stunning collection of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Neoclassical, Cubist and Art Nouveau architecture
Stare Maestro Town Square

Stare Maestro Town Square

  • Prague is know for it’s pubs and great dark beers
  • Celtic tribe, the Boii, dating back to 4th Century B.C. made their home here. “Boii” is the root of the word Bohemia
  • Look at Prague in 360 degree views!



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