The Untethered Soul – Part I

How the Mind Works-A Buddhist perspective (short).043

(On clinging . . .) Why do we care so much whether other people accept the facade we put out there? It all comes down to understanding why we are clinging to our self-concept. If you stop clinging, you will see why the tendency to cling was there. If you let go of your facade, and don’t try to trade it in for a new one, your thoughts and emotions will become unanchored and begin passing through you. It will be a very scary experience. You will feel panic deep inside, and you will be unable to get your bearings.  This is what people feel when something very important outside does not fit their inner model. The facade ceases to work and begins to crumble. When it can no longer protect you, you experience great fear and panic. However, you’ll find that if your’e willing to face that sense of panic, there is a way to go past it. You can go further back into the consciousness that is experiencing it, and the panic will stop. Then there will be a great peace, like nothing you’ve ever felt.

(to be continued next week)

Michael A. Singer, author of The Untethered Soul

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2 Responses to The Untethered Soul – Part I

  1. Very true….and we cling for all sorts of reasons. Freedom can be a very scary thought sometimes 🙂

    • tari brand says:

      isn’t that fascinating? i lived in fear the first half of this life, thinking and believing that if i let go of who and what i thought i was, i would be forever lost and alone. how wrong i was! have a beautiful week. thank you for sharing.

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