Say Yes to Present Moment Awareness

what_is_your_childhood_trauma_tshirt-p235616494441444564qrja_400if there’s one book i can recommend, over all others, that shows one how to live and breathe in the present moment, it’s The Presence Process. Michael Brown helps us with the integration of past wounds, past hurts, childhood trauma and drama. all the pain we carry today as adults that were inflicted on us as infants and children.

did i know that my “reactions” today are directly related to the wounds suffered as a child? well, yes, sort of. i mean, i’d read and been told that hundreds of times. but i didn’t really understand it until reading The Presence Process and exploring the 10 week process. and i can tell you, and my husband can tell you from interacting with me ten weeks ago and now, if you’re willing to do the work – it works.

the process Michael walks us through is not easy. no way, not on any level. because it brings out childhood stuff forgotten, denied, pushed deep down inside and other stuff we thought was already cleared away! one of the major differences between work i’ve done and the presence process is about integration, assimilation, weaving in the past trauma and drama into our lives because, after all, it’s part of who we are. and once we accept and integrate the feelings and memories, those “reactions” dissipate. in fact, what occurs is what i would call a miracle. once integration happens, we no longer get the crazy vindictive thoughts in our head, the knot in our stomach, the heat rising into our chest and face, the uncontrollable anger and fear welling up inside our bodies. we don’t have to understand why those reactions occur because we’re present to “feel” and receive them.

imagesthat’s it. so simple. so complex. we integrate the pain from our childhood years because we’re open and present, in the moment, to see the reaction, feel it, sit with it and have no requirement to understand it. “We don’t feel it to heal it, to understand it, to fix it, or even to transform it. We feel it unconditionally because it’s happening. Our feeling of it isn’t laced with any expectations.”

Michael prefers integration over healing because healing implies there’s something to fix, it’s wrong or we’re sick. integration makes us whole. integration joins the parts of us that are divided and brings us together, complete and healthy. we then have the great joy of living a full, happy, peaceful life in unconditional love.

The Presence Process is a repeatable 10-week process. each time we come back to the beginning, Michael says, we come to it as a more integrated being, and so we see it from a new perspective. with new feelings to feel and new love to give. i’m ready. are you?

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