The Untethered Soul – Part III


(. . . continued, Part I & II)

(On clinging and consciousness. . .) This journey is one of passing through exactly where you have been struggling not to go. As you pass through that state of turmoil, the consciousness itself is your only repose. You will just be aware that tremendous changes are taking place. You will be aware that there is no solidity and you will become comfortable with that. You will be aware that each moment of each day is unfolding and you neither have control, no crave it. You have no concepts, no hopes, no dreams, no beliefs, and no security. You are no longer building mental models of what’s going on. but life is going on anyway. You are perfectly comfortable just being aware of it. Here comes this moment, then the next moment, and then the next. But that’s really what has always happened. Moment after moment has been passing before your consciousness. The difference is that now you see it happening. You see that your emotions and your mind are reacting to these moments that are coming through, and you’re doing nothing to stop it. You’re doing nothing to control it. You’re just letting life unfold, both outside and inside of you.

(to be continued. . .)

Michael A Singer, author of  The Untethered Soul  

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  1. colgore says:

    I’m reading this book at the moment. I’m about halfway through. It’s really an eye opener. I wasn’t expecting so much of it to resonate with me.

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