Public Art

i don’t want to question the public art in Laguna Beach, CA, but some of it is highly questionable. when i walk around the village and the nearby neighborhood, i find there is so much more interesting and visually captivating  ‘public art’ that goes unrecognized as such.

i’ll leave it up to you to decide. here’s a piece that i see daily and wonder about:


Laguna Beach public art

now here’s what i call art, on the streets, in view of all the public:


potted plants in front of home

i know it’s great that artists are commissioned to make work for the city. my husband landed a wonderful commission in Long Beach, CA, where five of his 18′ tall sculptures reside. it’s a good thing. so let’s take a look at another piece paid for by the city:



now tell me – what the hell is that? here’s my view of great art in the city of Laguna:

street work

street work

neighborhood collection

neighborhood collection

we all decide for ourselves what we choose to love and what we choose to leave. i choose every form of nature, the random bits of personal inspiration and art made from love and commitment to love. this city has made me pay more attention to my surroundings and the beauty that each day and every place holds. all we have to do is be present.

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