Clash of Consciousness

interesting article from super consciousness magazine. here’s an excerpt from their conversation with Dr. Kingsley Dennis:

SC: The main title in your book, The Struggle for Your Mind, seems more of a personal conquest at first. But the subtitle — Conscious Evolution and the Battle to Control How We Think — definitely broadens the personal struggle to possible external influences of control. Can you comment on this?


KD: This is the core question, the individual interior self and how that relates, corresponds, or resonates to our external environment. This has been an ongoing situation throughout our civilization. We are susceptible or vulnerable to external impacts. There are social impacts and there are technological impacts and we are developing, especially this century, a level of awareness and consciousness which is manifesting more and more. But in order to have social civil society, nation states, and governments, they have been maintaining a collective control or management of individuality. There are certain social structures which have always been used to manage and influence thinking patterns throughout the collective society. Sometimes these are called ideologies. What I see happening is that there’s an increased interior and individual awareness, which is manifesting more and more. This is manifesting in our social lives with social protests happening around the world, people trying to develop alternative lifestyles. They are less and less manipulated by what the government says, what media says, and they’re developing their own awareness. This is a potential threat to authority and governing structures in play now. I call this the clash of mythologies. You have the old mind, which is trying to control the mass consciousness, behavior, and thinking patterns, and is a vertical, top-down hierarchical system. Then we have a lateral, horizontally distributed understanding: global connectivity, people sharing information, coming together throughout the world through virtual networks and an increasing awareness. This is clashing or conflicting with the control mechanisms and is what’s happening now.

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