Long, Health-full Lives

over the past decade, on and off, i’ve been living with neck and shoulder issues. the last few years i’ve been seeing a rolfer. his work has been so beneficial for me that i would attribute his healing hands along with meditation as the two primary actions i do that allow me to have more flexibility and pain free days than not.


i had the privilege to see him today. he’s a handsome, fit, intuitively connected young man, connected to spirit and to helping others find their heath. he suffers little to no physical ache or pain. he eats naturally, he walks, he runs, he takes excellent care of himself.

i was “sort of” that individual in my early thirties too. i ate well, exercised, and had begun the search for spirit and consciousness. that was about it but i felt invincible.

it was in my forties that little things began to malfunction. thyroid stopped working so regularly, eyes didn’t want to read such small print, an ache would appear here, then subside, and park in another spot for awhile. and yet, my journey to spiritual understanding took off at full speed. each time i would have a revelation, i needed another. like a drug or an obsession that i kept telling myself was a good obsession to have if i were to choose one.

my fifties have brought more clarity, less of a full throttle approach and more of a sitting in and getting comfortable.  being and less doing. as my body begins to break down a little more with each decade, i can panic and run for a fix trying to get away from the decay, or i can sit in the fullness of breath and stillness and take care of myself with daily maintenance by eating right, taking supplements and making the right health-full choices that prolong this joyous life, without fear and judgment because at the end of every life – is death.



i wonder if my wonderful rolfer will experience these bodily changes as he ages. maybe, maybe not. maybe, since he discovered early in life what’s truly important, that will carry him through til late in life. with little or no pain and an even deeper, profound  connection to spirit. i like that one.

this doesn’t’ have a moral and isn’t here to teach, just more an observation from a fifty something having the greatest respect for this thirty something in his calm, understanding, fearless approach and health-full lifestyle choices.  i’ll bet his  mom is r-e-a-l-l-y proud.

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