Before & After Sofa II

continuing with the moroccan/indian/ethnic theme in our home, i decided to slip cover the cushion of our sofa. similar to the full slip cover previously posted, but this cover is on the seat cushion. it took quite awhile to decide on concept, fabric, and finished pattern as i wanted each side to be different.

since i have more molas, they were central to the first side i created. pretty simple, framed within a patterned fabric, which was then framed with a second patterned fabric, as you see below.


the second side took longer and more planning. it is four layers of cotton fabric. the bottom layer is muslin to add stability and strength, then seven different fabrics sewn in a strip, then a red and gold fabric and finally a yellow and teal indian quilt.


these were then sewn together in a repetitive, curving pattern. on the top side, shapes were cut out within the stitching in a layering effect, to expose the color and pattern of the fabrics below the top surface.




i doubled the thickness of the cushion to add comfort and visually look more of a ‘grandma couch’. there is an opening along the back of the cover so it can be easily removed and washed.

IMG_7431and there you have it! more fanciful fun in our living area.



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    Beautiful work, Tari!

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