Kaleidoscopey Pillows – Part I

recently, i’ve been working on seven pillows for a wonderful family. they have a beautiful home, but for some reason, very few pillows. pillows add charm, warmth, enjoyment, pattern, color, texture and more. they can pull a room together or apart.

they were a challenge to find designs within their kaleidoscope they love. it was exciting as well! so much color and pattern. my heart was smitten. they loaned their kaleidoscope as  inspiration.

each time i held it, a new pattern would emerge. i managed to take shots with my iPhone to capture ones i thought i could adapt.

the technique for making the pillows is the same technique as Sewing Fool – Part VIII. I will explain the process in Part II of this series.

here are the first set of pillows:

front of pillow #1

front of pillow #1

front of pillow #2

front of pillow #2

back of pillow #1 &  2

back of pillow #1 & 2

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4 Responses to Kaleidoscopey Pillows – Part I

  1. Wow, what vibrant pillows…. Lucky family 🙂

  2. Siobhan McClure says:

    gorgeous pillows!!!!!

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