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The Certainty of Change

if there’s one well used saying that is true it’s that the only thing we can depend on in this life is change. i’m not the same person i was when i was young, nor the same as yesterday. the … Continue reading

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A Restful Weekend

a few weeks ago i went to a T.M. residence course, which apparently is code for “this is the time to get as much rest and peace and nourishment for the body and soul as you possibly can.” i had … Continue reading

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Spiritual Vernacular – Part II

last week we discussed and clarified form and no form, or formlessness. today we look into the phrase, word, concept of: low and high vibration  energy frequencies when we operate at a low vibrational level, we’re slow, sluggish, depressed, angry, … Continue reading

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Yoga Practice for Life Practice

my husband is a skeptic. he’ll be the first to admit it. to him, in this life you have to question everything. this works for him. that’s not the way i look at things. i’ve decided to not discount anything … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Life

i began my transcendental meditation (T.M.) practice last december. in that time i’ve felt my jaw lessen it’s grip on life, i’ve started taking things less seriously and i’m much less inclined to ‘jump the gun.’ this is what T.M. … Continue reading

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I Take Refuge In . . .

  i’ve been a yoga practitioner for a decade and a half. long before and throughout those years i’ve taken a journey to find myself and to free myself. spiritual books, knowledge of religions, meditation practices, daily life experiences. in … Continue reading

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Brahmacharya is Self Restraint – Part IV of V

brahmacharya is the fourth code of conduct of the five yamas – ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya and aparigraha. brahmacharya (continence) states that when we have control over our physical impulses of excess, we attain knowledge, vigor, and increased energy. to break … Continue reading

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