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The Journey

throughout my life i’ve been in a constant state of searching. searching for truth, for meaning, for some sense that life is worth living. little by little, i’ve discovered the beauty, the awesomeness, the incredible moments that no words will … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra

Having an abundance consciousness allows us to view life as a magical adventure, where our needs are met with grace and ease. It includes the ability to see beauty wherever we go, have gratitude as our primary emotion, hold open … Continue reading

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Are You Lovable?

i’m on Day 12 of Deepak Chopra‘s Abundance Meditation Challenge. the meditation was on abundance and the law of intention and desire. i always set my intention of loving others and thought that to be the most crucial of intentions. … Continue reading

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Window of Perception

each of us has our own window of perception – how we believe the world to be. that perception of reality is based on what our experiences have been up to now, this moment. anytime along the way, we have … Continue reading

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Another Reincarnation

here i am, finally moved up to Oregon to live with my husband of three years. this will be our first time actually living in the same house for more than a month at a time. i’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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