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People vs. People

people are contagious.  you become like the people you hang out with. Dr. Daniel Amen Advertisements

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Elegant Drinking Water Recovery

this is one of the most beautiful ways of recovering water during a drought i have ever seen.

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Mindfulness Experience

i subscribe to  this is a good one on mindfulness by Elisha Goldstein, PhD and how to remain present and compassionate to the ones we love and live with.

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South Vietnam

Geoff Shoots the World is a blog i follow. he creates such beautiful images and i feel that i’m getting an intimate, first hand account of the places he visits. i hope you feel the same way! file://localhost/Users/taribrand/Desktop/

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Green Roof

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Sewing Fool – Part IX

last pillow on my list!    

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The Eight-fold Path

i’ve been frequenting a yoga studio in Portland that’s pretty spectacular. for the most part, the teachers talk about alignment and correct posture. one teacher named Sarah, however, brings spiritual growth into each class. she speaks at the beginning of … Continue reading

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