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Swami Beyondananda on the Upside of the Meltdown

Laughing at the Recession, an interview with Swami Beyondananda by http://www.superconsciousness.com Tongue firmly in cheek, the Swami explains the potential benefits of the economic downturn. In the face of the current economic meltdown, SuperConsciousness Magazine decided to seek out the … Continue reading

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Out From Under

an excerpt from Mark Nepo All the darkness! I’m going to walk in the light!  – Job Sometimes there’s just too much to consider, too much to understand and analyze, too many consequences to play out in our mind, too many … Continue reading

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From Pain to Pleasure

my friend, connie, told me something that i think of every day. it puts a smile on my face and in my heart.  she said, You used to be a cloud, and now you’re a breeze.

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Another Reincarnation

here i am, finally moved up to Oregon to live with my husband of three years. this will be our first time actually living in the same house for more than a month at a time. i’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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The Certainty of Change

if there’s one well used saying that is true it’s that the only thing we can depend on in this life is change. i’m not the same person i was when i was young, nor the same as yesterday. the … Continue reading

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