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The Pissed, Poor and Understanding Me

as we become more and more conscious as human beings, we understand that each one of us possesses many different aspects of personality. this is what gary zukav calls the ‘splintered personality‘ in The Seat of the Soul. we have the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Vernacular – Part IV

in the previous spiritual vernacular posts, we discussed form and formlessness, energetic vibrations and nirvana. today we’ll delve into words and phrases that describe what/who is the creator and operator of our universe. God(s) and god universal energy universal light Divine … Continue reading

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Spiritual Vernacular – Part III

we’ve discussed form and formlessness during the first chapter of spiritual vernacular, and energetic frequencies in the second. now we’ve moved to: nirvana enlightenment authentic empowerment nirvana has it’s origin in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Sikhism and philosophies of Buddhism … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Questionnaire

 i subscribe to the well daily blog and today this arrived in my inbox, so i decided to answer those same questions. try it yourself.     1. what 3 things bring you the most happiness? loving my children, husband, family … Continue reading

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