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Scott Hocking

this artist living in Detroit is creating amazing work with abandoned structures and decaying refuse. see Scott Hocking for yourself.

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Mindfulness Experience

i subscribe to superconsciousness.com.  this is a good one on mindfulness by Elisha Goldstein, PhD and how to remain present and compassionate to the ones we love and live with.

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Breaking Point

recently, i’ve experienced a welling up of emotion that i believed was only a distant memory. the wave of anger i feel toward a particular individuals actions caught me completely by surprise. when i try to put it into words, … Continue reading

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Michael Grab

Michael Grab‘s work is beautiful, meditative and temporary.

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Meditation Will Change The World

from the online magazine, SuperConsciousness.

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Are You Lovable?

i’m on Day 12 of Deepak Chopra‘s Abundance Meditation Challenge. the meditation was on abundance and the law of intention and desire. i always set my intention of loving others and thought that to be the most crucial of intentions. … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Life

i began my transcendental meditation (T.M.) practice last december. in that time i’ve felt my jaw lessen it’s grip on life, i’ve started taking things less seriously and i’m much less inclined to ‘jump the gun.’ this is what T.M. … Continue reading

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