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Spiritual Poetry – Part II

more from Mark Nepo A blind child guided by his mother, admires the cherry blossoms… – Kikakou Who knows what a blind child sees of blossoms or songbirds? Who knows what any of us sees from the privacy of our … Continue reading

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WANTED! Human Being seeking poetry in yoga practice and everyday existence. Looking for the joy in all of life, the trials as well as the triumphs. Reading enlightened thinkers, Speaking with elevated souls, Breathing in the love of humanity. Knowing … Continue reading

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In My Meditation

this piece will be sent to the exhibition, “paint a letter to a friend” this week. the constraints were 8 1/2 x 11″ in size and two dimensional. forgive me for the lack of professionalism in my photo taking. these … Continue reading

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Because I’m a Black Man

this young man was selling his poetry on the streets of chicago. Being was a remarkable piece from someone so new to the planet. or is he? while his views might be considered extreme by some, i enjoyed our conversation … Continue reading

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