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Community Baby Quilt

i have a beautiful niece, by marriage, who recently had a healthy baby boy. her mother asked several people to make a square for a baby quilt based on the elements – wind, fire, water, air, earth. here is mine. … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscopey Pillows – Part I

recently, i’ve been working on seven pillows for a wonderful family. they have a beautiful home, but for some reason, very few pillows. pillows add charm, warmth, enjoyment, pattern, color, texture and more. they can pull a room together or … Continue reading

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Physically Manifested Fears

throughout my years of spiritual work, i’ve discovered many ways fear plays into our lives. it can be subtle and it can be overt, it can be psychological, emotional and physical. fear arises in: –  worrying about what might happen, fearing … Continue reading

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In the Time of Water

Siobhan McClures’ “In the Time of Water” exhibit in Los Angeles.

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People vs. People

people are contagious.  you become like the people you hang out with. Dr. Daniel Amen

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