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The Untethered Soul – Part I

(On clinging . . .) Why do we care so much whether other people accept the facade we put out there? It all comes down to understanding why we are clinging to our self-concept. If you stop clinging, you will see … Continue reading

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California Art

this KCET film is about 55 minutes, but well worth the time. there are some interesting images and art going on here! ArtBound Part 1

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Gravitas, My Friend

as you know, if you’ve been reading this blog, i’ve been a yoga student for nearly 15 years. and since i left my beloved yoga studio in southern california, i’ve found a few places near our new home that, while … Continue reading

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A Memory

I begin with a memory . . . I become acutely preoccupied with the thoughts in my mind    . . . What had been background chatter suddenly leaps into the foreground of my attention. My thoughts are constant, loud and random, telling … Continue reading

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Don’t Take It Personally, Dude!

that’s right. don’t take anything anyone does or says personally. it’ll make life so much easier. take it from someone who vacillates in and out of understanding this key rule in daily living. when i am present and watching from … Continue reading

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