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Breaking Point

recently, i’ve experienced a welling up of emotion that i believed was only a distant memory. the wave of anger i feel toward a particular individuals actions caught me completely by surprise. when i try to put it into words, … Continue reading

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The Journey

throughout my life i’ve been in a constant state of searching. searching for truth, for meaning, for some sense that life is worth living. little by little, i’ve discovered the beauty, the awesomeness, the incredible moments that no words will … Continue reading

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Releasing Expectations

releasing expectations. i didn’t think i had many, but when i was asked to write them down regarding a loved one, i discovered the opposite. and i came to understand that, even if they’re positive expectations and hopes for their … Continue reading

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Doctor Judgmental

recently i called my doctor to schedule an exam. my 12 month prescription was finished and they wouldn’t extend it one month, my pharmacist informed me. no problem. when i spoke with the person answering my call at the doctors … Continue reading

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