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What the Media Creates

this is an amazing transformation. the young woman is what i would already call quite beautiful. what a sad, sad commentary on what the media thinks we want and how we’re fooled by it all.

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Sam Harris

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I’m A Battlestar Galactica Groupie!

yes, i admit it. along with thousands of other sci-fi junkies, i have joined the not so exclusive group of BSG admirers. i’m hooked. i dream about it, live in it, ¬†and even meditate in their fantastical world. i contemplate … Continue reading

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Believing What You Say

Anything that follows after “I am. . .” comes looking for you. “I am” broke, “I am” tired, sick, unhappy and you become that. Oprah

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Spiritual Vernacular – Part IV

in the previous spiritual vernacular posts, we discussed form and formlessness, energetic vibrations and nirvana. today we’ll delve into¬†words and phrases that describe what/who is the creator and operator of our universe. God(s) and god universal energy universal light Divine … Continue reading

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